Neva Collection Sets

Candlesticks: Silver
Vase: Neva

A luxurious steel candle that never melts - providing endless clean burning ambience to your home.

Neva, which is the Latin word for snow was designed out of inspiration from the magic of a snow globe. Its minimalistic yet bold and beautiful presence is guaranteed to have all your house guests swooning.

Product Highlights

  • Relight it thousands of times
  • Burns but never melts
  • Scent-free, clean burning, real flame
  • Never needs replacing

    Designed and Made in Canada

    Sets include: Everlasting Candles + Pristine Oil + Neva Vase

    Because you deserve the best, please use Everlasting Candles exclusively with our Pristine Oil® and vases.

    Why? Because Pristine Oil® was specifically designed for our candles with you in mind! We understand how important it is to know the products you're burning in your home are clean, smoke free and don't produce soot.

    Light your candles and relax with peace of mind knowing that you're having the wellness experience you deserve.

    How to light your candles

    • Pour at least three inches of Pristine Oil® into your vase
    • Gently place your candlesticks into the vase
    • Allow to soak for thirty minutes, light and enjoy!

    We know you're as excited as we are to receive your new candles, which is why we provide expedited tracked shipping on all orders to ensure they are delivered directly to you.

    WE PERSONALLY GUARANTEE EVERYTHING WE SELL at Everlasting Candle Co.® we have a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all orders purchased through our website. If you’re not completely satisfied with the quality of our products within 30 days of purchase, you may return them for a full refund.

    Lighting Your Candles

    Here is a short how to video on setting up your Everlasting Candles.

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    Add at least 3 inches of Pristine Oil to the Vase.



    Insert & soak the candles for 30 minutes prior to lighting.



    Light your candles & enjoy this piece of elegance to your space.

    Unique, Elegant & Timeless

    Everlasting Candle lights a match under the industry with the only candle that never melts.

    Get yours today and enjoy it for a lifetime.

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    You can light them over and over again without ever having to replace them; making them completely... Everlasting.


    Handcrafted by a husband and wife team this is a luxurious and minimalistic steel candle that suits any style in any home

    No Drip, Smoke or Scent

    This is the no drip, smoke free, scent free solution to ambiance - with a clean burning, real flame.

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