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Corporate Gifting

Looking for a unique corporate gift that's innovative, reusable and guaranteed to make a lasting impression on anyone who receives it?

Ditch the cliché water bottle and choose the Everlasting Candle. Made from stainless steel, this sustainable candle is designed to be relit thousands of times and never melt. It uses clean-burning Pristine Oil, making it smoke and scent-free. Whether you want to express gratitude, strengthen relationships, or reward loyalty, the Everlasting Candle is the perfect choice. Its elegant design and long-lasting glow will remind the recipient of your thoughtfulness and appreciation for years to come.

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"You all are amazing, thank you SO MUCH! Tons of people have reached out saying they want to buy these for their friends and families as well! They are SUCH a hit!"  --- Two Furnishings, Manali Khatri, 550 sets

Big or small, we cover it all! Thank you for choosing us!